Great bakery food, light café meals, amazing coffee, delicious treats – you’ll find a large range of options at Sunrise Bakery. Here is a sample of what you’ll find in-store.

Marble cake
Chocolate cake
Chocolate Swiss roll
Raspberry Swiss roll
Carrot cake
Chocolate mud cake
10″ round chocolate sponge
10″ round vanilla sponge
Sultana cake
Albert cake
French coffee cake
Chocolate lamington bar cake

Apple german cake
Apricot german cake
Blueberry german cake
Finger bun
Apple scroll
Apricot scroll
Blueberry scroll

Kitchener bun
Choc. Custard berliner
Apple turnover
Apricot turnover
Choc. Cream éclair
Egg custard tart
Chocolate lamington
Apricot lamington cream
Honey log
Yeast custard éclair
Jam finger log
Macaroon tart
Danish pastry
Danish snail
Apple crumble
Apricot crumble
Banana bread
Wagon wheels
Vienesse biscuits
Lemon curd tart
Rock cakes
Salted caramel tart

Melting moments cookies
Afghan cookies
Nuttie biscuit
Honey biscuit
Butter biscuit
Cornflake biscuits
Fruity nuttie biscuit
Macadamia shortbread
Apricot & almond
Chocolate chip
Chocolate rainbow
Novelty biscuits
Novelty frog biscuits
Owl novelty biscuit

Chocolate chip muffin
Apple muffin
Blueberry muffin
Strawberry muffin
Mud cake muffin
Choc. Chip mini muffin
Orange / poppyseed muffin

Chocolate donut
Sprinkle donut
Strawberry donut
Chocolate cream donut
Cinnamon donut
Cinnamon / custard donut
Straw lattice donut
Half chocolate / half sprinkles donut
Happy face donut