Choose from a variety of delicious options below.  Call Angie or Karen on 85642070, tells us how many people you are expecting and which options you would like! We’ll work out the best and most cost effective options for your requirements.


Delicious mini pies, pasties and sausage rolls.
Cold per dozen $10.90
Hot per dozen $12.00


Assorted mini versions of our quiche flavours. Available in batches of five and a half dozen only.
Cold per dozen $12.00
Hot per dozen $13.10


A variety of delicious & satisfying classic point sandwiches, in either white or wholemeal bread.
Includes 4 point sandwiches PP with the below fillings.
$8.80 each

–  Salami, sundried tomato, baby spinach and mayo
–  Egg, lettuce & mayo
–  Turkey, cranberry sauce and brie
–  Chicken, avocado & mayo
–  Beef, fruit chutney, fresh tomato & lettuce blend


A delightful range of freshly made wraps to satisfy, with a variety of fillings.
$12.50 each

–  Club chicken: Roast chicken, bacon, avocado, seeded mustard, lettuce blend & aioli
–  Chicken Caesar salad
–  Sweet chilli chicken, cheese
–  Leg ham, tasty cheese, avocado, baby spinach, lettuce blend with a beetroot relish
–  Avocado, s/dried tomato, roast pumpkin, Spanish onion, tasty cheese, baby spinach, aioli


Pulled pork, cucumber, pickled shredded carrot, coriander, sweet chilli sauce.
$8.90 each


A hand selected range of Sunrise Bakery favourites.  Three finger food size portions per person.
$5.50 per person.

Apple slice
Chocolate mud cake
Apricot slice
Bienenstich (contains nuts)
Vanilla slice
Hedgehog slice (contains nuts)
Caramel slice


12 delicious mini chocolate chip muffins $10.00    (available in batches of 12 only)


These delightful mini versions are made exclusive for our signature range and must be ordered 5 days in advance.
$2.95 each with minimum quantity of 10 per variety.

Mini Chocolate eclairs
Mini strawberry jam berliners
Mini honey eclairs
Mini Bavarian cream rings
Mini lamington chocolate or raspberry & cream snowballs